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Call Us Today!
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Our Technology

Part of staying competitive is using state-of-the-art tools and equipment to keep your car running the best it can.

Precision is the key to today’s machinery. By using only up-to-date equipment and training, we are able to keep new cars from becoming older, forgotten ones.

We’re Connected!

Being connected to the internet 24 hours a day via DSL allows us to quickly access up-to-date bulletins and information. We are members of a world-wide technician network of over 30,000 technicians.
Our all-data-information system keeps us connected to the most recent information to help us run our shop more efficiently, enabling us to provide better service at a better price. The system is updated every 90 days to guarantee it has the most current knowledge to help us serve you better. Being DSL connected enables us to access needed information about your car. It also gives us the ability to check our diagnosis and solution on-line with other experts.
State of the Art Tool
Snap-On Tools Power Graphing Meter: Used for live waveform analysis of various sensors. Sensors are used all over your car to keep systems from overheating, prevent power losses, to indicate repair needed or to stop a malfunctioning system from hurting another.
Snap on Tools Power Graphing Meter
Vetronics Tech 2 Scan Tool (GM Factory Tool): This is the General Motors factory scan tool capable of retrieving engine, transmission, antilock brake, steering, air bag and other information codes, data information and live waveforms. A laptop is interfaced with the Tech 2 for reprogramming of General Motors Computers.
Allen Digital Engine Analyzer
Allen Digital Engine Analyzer: Though not exactly new and improved, this machine is an old faithful. It does an outstanding job of scope diagnostics on any vehicle with a coil wire or distributor. It also has a four-gas analyzer for emissions testing. When you build them this good, there is little room for improvement.
New Ford Equipment
New Ford Equipment: We now have the Ford factory scan tool used at Ford dealers called the NGS. This tool has the capability to perform factory diagnostic and repair procedures for various computers on your Ford vehicle. We also have the ability to reprogram your various onboard computers with factory updated information. This allows to us to perform many more procedures to your Ford, Lincoln or Mercury vehicle previously not possible with aftermarket equipment. Come see us today with your Ford, Lincoln or Mercury. We are here to assist you.

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